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FEEL flooring co.,ltd.

     Is pleased to offer industrial floor systems. Repair of concrete structures. The beams are added together to load up a porous, water leakage, durability is special. The technical needs and to troubleshoot and correct, we have expert engineers. Consulting to solve your most cost-effectively.

     Is pleased to contribute personnel, quality and professional installation teams only.Including the specialist engineers. The team is ready to join issue with you with a direct survey. Reason for supporting information. Installation experience. The sincere and reliable service. And after the installation, including warranty work. That issued the guarantee by valid install industrial floor systems. Through international standard. 

In addition, We has developed the training data installation techniques. The management and administration continued to cover and understand. Problems and products. Changes in technology. Both in the information equipment to meet the problems most effectively. Policy that.

– Work schedules for maximum efficiency.
– Working with transparency at all stages of review.
– Work with earnestness.
– Working with the accuracy of engineering principles
– Suggest how to properly maintain.
– Issued the guarantee.
– Working with experienced and accurate.